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Approved TCC March 16 Minute

Approved TCC March 16 Minute.doc

TCC April 19th 16 agenda draft

TCC April 19th 16 agenda draft.doc

Elections to Tarves Community Council 2016

Elections to Tarves Community Council 2016

Nominations close on the 8th April.


find the link to the Election Notice and nomination papers and poster. You need to be a resident or work in Tarves and are nominated by a resident who is on the electoral register.

The Community Council is the first level of local representation. They enable people to make effective representations to Aberdeenshire Council and other bodies such as the police, Fire and Rescue and the health Service about local issues.

You can find out more about Community Councils do at :


The community Council in Tarves is active in representing local interests and is a challenging and interesting public role.

2016 Tarves CC Election Notice AD.doc

2016 Tarves CC NOMINATION FORM.doc