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Independent Review of Planning

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Independent Review of Planning

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As a part of the on-going review of planning, the independent panel are keen to give anyone with a view on the Scottish planning system a further opportunity to feed in thoughts and recommendations on how the planning system can be improved.

Comments are welcomed on the six key themes, or on the wider planning system. The themes are;

  • Development planning;
  • Housing delivery;
  • Planning for infrastructure;
  • Further improvements to development management;
  • Leadership, resourcing and skills; and
  • Community engagement

Feedback gathered from this forum will be fed-back to the panel for consideration; supplementary to the formal call for written evidence.

Before posting your idea we would encourage you to search to see if somebody else has done so already. This will allow you to get involved with the conversation and interact with other users. You can do this through rating and commenting on other ideas posted.

Further information on this forum can be found on the Planning & Architecture blog. Questions to prompt discussion and thinking on the six themes can be found on the planning review webpage.

We would welcome all individuals, whether or not they submitted written evidence to the panel, to make use of this public forum to share ideas and recommendations, and to engage with those posted by others. Submissions are welcomed until 8th February 2016.

The secretariat and the independent panel will not be answering questions or responding directly to any of the comments. The forum provided is simply an open space where wider discussion can take place.

Members of the Planning Review Secretariat will moderate comments in accordance with the Scottish Government Moderation Policy.

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