TCC June 16th 15 agenda draft

TCC June 16th 15 agenda draft.doc

2 responses to “TCC June 16th 15 agenda draft

  1. Gill Johnston

    Is it possible for a Tarves resident to have a question raised at a TCC meeting? If so, could I ask if anyone knows what is happening about the fibre broadband cainet which should have been installed in the centre of the village. It appears that residents on the outskirts of the village have the faster broadband speed while those of us in the centre do not. Can the TCC shed any light on that please?


  2. Dear Gill

    Yes anyone can ask questions at our meetings and indeed between meetings via email to the Chair or Secretary,

    The planning application for the cabinet in the Square was approved at the start of April. We can only assume that the workload of the contractors is the reason for the delay although BT would be the best source for information on this.
    There was a slight delay in approving the application due to the Planners treating the letter of support from Tarves CC as an objection which meant the application had to go to area committee. The planning service refused the previous application which the Community Council made no comment on.
    The approved application details are available online via the link below (click on documents when the page opens)

    Hope this helps

    Thanks and Regards

    Bob Davidson

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