Approved TCC minutes 16 Dec 14

Approved TCC minutes 16 Dec 14.doc

2 responses to “Approved TCC minutes 16 Dec 14

  1. Laura Slater

    I would have attended the meeting in December had I known the planning application for the playgroup was to be be discussed. I could of informed members of the Council that we had looked at a ramp as a possibility but given the gradients involved a ramp would have taken up a considerable amount of the land. Inclusive access would still be via the road the children already use to get to the garden as a gate is planned in the fencing to allow for this and vehicular access. As I have personally taken a buggy round this way already I do not foresee any future problems for buggies, wheelchairs etc… using this method of access. Hopefully we can then go on to make the existing ground within the garden much more buggy, w/ch & indeed children friendly.

    Kind regards
    Laura Slater
    Tarves Playgroup & Toddlers

    • Thanks Laura,
      Yes, I realise that not everyone would have known about this application due to the wrong address being used by Planning and being advertised in press as being at the opposite end of the street. This has now been rectified and CC has considered your comments and responded to the application. Thanks again for your comments.

      Bob Davidson for TCC

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